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At Rag Engines Private Limited, we embark on a journey of innovation, sustainability, and progress. Our startup was born from a vision to transform industrial scrap into new, purposeful products, all while making the most of our precious resources. Established in 2023, we are committed to driving positive change through inventive solutions that contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

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About The Rag Engines

Founded by trailblazers with a passion for innovation, Rag Engines Private Limited is at the forefront of the waste revolution. Mr. Ubed, Mr. Nabi, and Mrs. Shaziya, the driving forces behind our venture, possess remarkable ingenuity in transforming waste materials into new and valuable creations.

Their visionary approach has not only earned them patents in the automotive sector but is also aligned with our mission to curtail pollution and enhance fuel efficiency.

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All-Time Best Collections

Metal Hearted Ladies

Embrace the elegance of recycled art with our Metal Hearted Ladies, where waste takes on new forms of beauty.

Bolted Men Statue

Witness craftsmanship at its finest as we transform discarded materials into remarkable statues that tell sustainability stories.

Metal Owl

Unlock the potential of discarded materials with our captivating Metal Owl, a testament to our dedication to innovation and resourcefulness.

Sprocket Lizard

A fusion of art and engineering, this intriguing creation exemplifies our commitment to repurposing materials to craft captivating pieces.

Our  Services

Scrap Collection

We’re expanding our reach to collect scrap from your premises. With collection centres strategically located in Roorkee, Uttarakhand; Meerut, Uttar Pradesh; and Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, we’re making recycling more accessible than ever.

Metal Scraping

Our creative approach to material scraping fuels the development of novel, utilitarian products that contribute to a cleaner world.


Our innovative prowess shines through as we apply patented technologies, such as the six-stroke engine with two external electric strokes, to reduce pollution and elevate fuel efficiency by up to 50%.

E-Waste Transformation

 Harnessing our expertise, we breathe new life into electronic waste, repurposing it to create innovative and valuable products.

Our Community All over the Nation

Rag Engines Private Limited is not just a startup; it’s a movement. Join us in redefining waste, creating a sustainable tomorrow, and fueling innovation that leaves a lasting legacy. Explore our world of possibilities and be a part of the journey toward a greener, brighter future

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Haridwar Office Address

Sikandarpur Bhainswal,
Contact No : +91-79831 68768

Meerut Office Address

Plot No-126
Sector- 10,Shastri Nagar
Contact No : +91-7417114277

Aligarh Office Address

Maheshpur Opp – M.S Petrol Pump
Dist – Aligarh
Contact No : +91-9870804003